All designs are Copyright of Kate Hawkridge 2010-2016. Images may not be reproduced without permission.

FAQs and T&Cs

Q: I have a shop and I would like to stock your products.

A: Please email me and I will send you the details. At this current time we are not doing sale or return. Please bear in mind that all my items are made by hand or in limited edition runs, and so my wholesale prices reflect that.


Q: I am a blogger/influencer and I would like to work with you.

A: That's great. Please drop me an email via the contact page. Please explain in the email what you do, why you like my products, and what you would expect from me if you feature my products. I only send free products to people who fit my demographic and style. And it helps if you are already a customer of mine. I am a one woman band, so if I send free products and don't get anything in return, I will send you a bill for the products you recieved.


Q: I’d like to get a tattoo of one of your designs. Is that OK?

A: Yes! But only if it’s a one off and you are not profiting from it in any way. I would also expect you to send me a photograph of the finished tattoo as a courtesy. If you are a tattoo artist and would like to use my designs, please contact me for flash prices.


Q: The item I have been sent differs in colour slightly to that on the website.

A: All computer screens are calibrated slightly differently. We have done everything we can to accurately show the colours of our products on this site. We cannot accept returns because the colour varies slightly from the photograph.


Q: I saw a design on your website a while ago and now its out of stock. How can I get one?

A: All of my items are printed in very small quantities, so they can often sell out fast. If you drop me an email at the address on the contact page I can let you know if and when they will be back in stock.


Q: Are your products washable?

A: Yes, they are. It’s best to wash them at 30 degrees, as this is not only best for the fabric but also best for the planet!


Q. I’ve bought something as a custom order, where is it?

A: I will always try to keep people informed of the progress of their custom orders. Sometimes things are delayed due to issues we have no control over. Custom orders can take up to 6 weeks from order to shipping.  If it is likely to be longer I will always keep you informed with the opportunity for a refund if it has not shipped within 6 weeks.


Q. I’ve bought something as a custom order and decided I don’t want it, what can I do?

A: Custom orders that are fulfilled within 6 weeks and are not faulty cannot be refunded unless agreed with me via the email address on the contact page. Anything that has been personalized with a name cannot be refunded under any circumstances unless the name differs from that which you have specified in your order.


Q. I bought a Clumsy item from a stall at a show/fair, shop in my town, another online retailer; can I return it to you?

A. I’m afraid all sales from events are final after the event. Unfortunately any item bought from another outlet or online retailer needs to be returned to them.


Q. I’ve bought something from your site and I would like to return or exchange it?

A. Please see our returns policy HERE.


Q. I’ve bought something and I want to return it outside of the returns policy dates?

A. We will consider any enquiries separately, but we retain the right to refuse a refund or exchange outside of our return policy. Please don’t just send the item back, we receive lots of post every day and won’t be able to process the return without you contacting us first. Email before returning anything.